Demystifying IPOs

  • To raise capital from the market.
  • Investors are ready to pay a fancy price for anything new coming to the market
  • Exit strategy for initial investors and venture capitalists
  • To have public awareness about the company and its products
  • IPOs are supposedly the earliest way to invest in an ever-growing business
  • It must be a wonderful investment since everyone is enthused about an IPO in India
  • If a corporation wants to go public, it must be financially sound

Factors Influencing IPO Pricing

Reasons why IPO investments are a huge success

  • Investors find this an opportunity to buy shares even before it is listed if they feel the stock price may rise in the future.
  • Sometimes investors miss the deadline and in that case, they can approach the grey market to buy more shares.

What to keep in mind before investing in IPOs in India?



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